"you will forever be my always"

– Author Unknown

"It was always you"

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

"you are my greatest adventure"

– Disney’s “The Incredibles”


I love being a wedding photographer because I love stories… Every couple that comes to me not only has a story, but every couple is a story… I love listening to the amazing and unexpected ways the world managed to bring these two people together, the story of how they’ve gone about creating a life, often a life that has surprised them in terms of where it has taken them and how they got there…how they have arrived at this point when they choose to have their lives become inextricably intertwined. I love feeling the wave of emotion that ripples throughout the day. I look at the guests and I know that they know how brutally tough and demanding life can be, but there is no bitter-sweet in a wedding, only joy, laughter and love. There are moments which cannot be explained only felt, I love standing in the middle of so much hope, on this momentous occasion in one’s life, that will forever be remembered, re-visited and re-lived And I absolutely love being the person to capture this day, to be able to be the person who takes these special memories and moments and turns them into something tangible that you will treasure forever.

Christo + Lizaan | Cathedral Peak Wine Estate

Christo and Lizaan’s wedding at Cathedral Peak Wine Estate has been my favourite wedding to date. I remember the first time I met this gorgeous couple was at 4am on the beach for their engagement shoot, I spent most of the shoot making sure they weren’t really models,...
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The Parreira’s Beautiful family beach shoot

Michelle contacted me from Johannesburg and wanted to do a beach shoot with her family (and what a beautiful family!) when she came down to Durban for December holidays! we had such a stunning shoot on a hidden little beach that I love. Michael and Isabella were the...
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Joanne + Jacques | The Barn Drummond

The first time I met Joanne was actually only a few days before her wedding! but we instantly clicked and it’s was so easy with her bubbly personality, we sat and discussed her boho wedding and her love of pampas grass. Joanne and Jacques knew that they didn’t want a...
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Stace & Dylan | a Picnic Brunch wedding

Where Do I begin with Stace and Dylan? well I have known Dylan for a good few years, some of you may remember the shoot of Dyl with his two Bulldogs, Bayley and Winston, I remember coming home from that shoot filthy, covered in ash from recently burnt veld and...
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Sasha- Lee + Zane | Barker Manor Kloof

The first time I met Sasha it was about 100 degrees in the loft of a wedding venue, she was doing the makeup of one of my past brides. She had an infectious smile and a sparkle in her eyes. Sasha is the owner of Durban Makeup and is unbelievably talented I am so...
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Bianca + Duncan | Westville Country Club

Bianca is one of those girls who seems to have it all, she is amazingly bright, drop dead gorgeous, and has the most amazing circle of friends and family who adore her.  Bianca and Duncan met at a chiropractic party that Bianca’s younger sister Carissa (a Chiropractor...
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Katherine + Dale | Audacia Manor

You may remember Katherine + Dale’s engagement shoot which included their beautiful Sausage dogs , Max and Spencer, if you haven’t seen it you can see it here. Katherine is one of the most organised people I have ever met, she is one of those brides that I never had...
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Katherine + Dale Engagement shoot

We decided to photograph Katherine and Dale's engagement shoot in Summerveld as Katherine is a horse girl and knows and loves the area, they are getting married next year and I cannot wait for their wedding! Without giving too much away it’s going to be totally...
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Kelly + Raymond – Providence Country Weddings

Kelly and Raymond got married at Providence in the Natal Midlands on a beautiful Spring day, this was a very special wedding for me as every pay day I used to walk into a florist in Kloof and buy my mom flowers, I love flowers, the colours, the smells, the textures so...
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Sharron & Neil – Calderwood in the Midlands

Where do I begin with Sharron and Neil? I guess I should start at the beginning 10 years ago, Sharron and Neil found themselves working together and before you think there was a whirlwind romance that came out of the blue let me stop you, what happened was they became...
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