As a creative, storytelling photographer, I aim to document the authentic story of your day… allowing you to truly experience the magic of your wedding day. I do that by unobtrusively capturing candid moments as they happen, without directing or intervening. This inconspicuous approach helps us capture the natural magic of your day, revealing the true essence and character of yourselves, your guests and your experience. When the time is right, I will also take a more active role in directing, making you shine brighter than ever by posing you in flattering, natural ways that don’t look posed.

I’ll climb trees, wade barefoot across icy rivers, even shoot from within the deluge of a freezing water fountain. The end results are timeless images that speak for themselves. Bold, unique and (most importantly) REAL.

I am based in Durban, South Africa but my passport is always ready for travel to anywhere in the world.

Yes. There is nothing more I love than travelling as for cost I keep it as inexpensive as possible. Please contact me and let me know you are wanting a destination wedding, I will give you my specific destination pricing. It’s worth it trust me.

But for less destination weddings eg South Africa each package has a certain amount of free travel included. Over that, I charge a defined AA rate for travel to and from the location.

Destinations over 2 hours outside of Durban may require 1 night’s accommodation.

Destinations over 3 hours outside of Durban may require 2 night’s accommodation. This is not to try score a free holiday off of your wedding, but rather to ensure that we arrive on time and rested, ready to take on the crazy busy creative process of shooting your wedding.

Message me via the contact page and I will send through my packages. Once you have picked a package I will need a signed contract agreement and a retainer, all of which can be done online. Once this is done I’m all yours.

Please do! Food keeps my energy high, It is a long day for me generally between 9-14 hours and I don’t have time for lunch so I need some sustenance to keep the creative juices flowing.

Yes, I really, REALLY do! Not at the main table, but a table with a jug of water in the corner will do be fine but remember the closer I am to the action, the more chance I have of capturing it! I won’t sit forever , but sometimes I need a place to put down my spare lenses and eating on the floor is not something I want to experience (again)

Yes. I am happy to meet every couple either through Skype or in person, depending on what’s best for you. And coffee will always be on me.

I have some beautiful little USB flash drives, which is how I’ll hand them over.

All photos that make up the final selection will be provided in high resolution Jpeg for you to print or share with family as well as Low res versions for you to add to social media.

My goal is to tell your story… fully, completely and beautifully. In doing so, I emphasise quality over quantity. I would rather give you a couple hundred “holyshit” photographs, than a couple thousand “meh” ones. My couples usually receive 500 to 1000 images, depending on the nature and length of your day. But I will never limit you so if your wedding does end up having 2000 “holyshit” photos, you’ll get them.


I aim to put you out of your misery with a couple of sneak peeks within a few days of your wedding. The best things in life come to those who wait so you will get a blog post within 5 weeks but it generally takes me about 8 to 14 weeks to edit your images, design and print your album (which will arrive, along with your USB drive).

Yes. I love them, it gives us the opportunity to meet and for you to get more comfortable in front of the camera before your big day. There are a few on my website.

Religion, Sexual orientation and race have nothing to do with whether I will photograph your wedding. I go by personality and “click”, I choose jobs if I think I am the right person to tell your story.

uh, No. You aren’t hiring me only for my photography skills, you’re hiring me for my style, which has a lot to do with post production editing.

I am a photographer, not a re-toucher. I do sometimes remove minor things like pimples or blackheads but don’t manipulate the photo to make you not look like you.


Yes! I work hard on making every picture look as beautiful as possible.

I keep the photos for as long as I can. But please don’t count on me as a backup, rather copy them onto at least one of your computers or duplicate the flash drive.

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