Springbok Adventure

Some of you may remember my post of Brett and Chantel well Chantel is my best friend and we decided to take a trip to visit my mom who lives in a tiny town called Springbok

Well this is what happens when two photographers travel together! Stunning photographs, lots of laughs and an unbelievable adventure! Some images are mine, some are Chantel’s from Vita Bella Photography

Our little 4 298Km round trip adventure began with waking up at 4 am and traveling to king Shaka airport, upon arrival we realized Chantel’s ticket had been booked under her new married Surname but her ID had her maiden name in it! After some massive anxiety, sweet talking managers and a panicked phone call, Brett managed to email through their marriage certificate and we were allowed to board our 6:20am flight to cape town, which was full of giddy excitement, cracking jokes and a very hungover Bianca gagging over a squeaky mushroom, once landed we checked in with the car rental and were handed keys to our travel buddy Pronto Renato the tomato aka beige lightning, a tiny beige kia piccanto, after realizing our bags wouldn’t fit in the glove compartment sized boot we headed for the N7 which was the beginning of what should have been a 5 hour sencic drive through the beautiful cape wine lands but due to stop-go’s ended up being 11 hours filled with construction- workers and without a cd we either had a choice of silence, static, Afrikaans braai sokkie or bible passages…we opted for silence


I’m almost certain we woke up the whole of springbok upon arrival at duck with warning lights hooting and shouts! Followed by a laughing crying elated mumsy jumping into our tiny steed which could barely fit the two of us never mind three, After hugs and kisses we climbed back into our cars and we followed in the shadow of the Beast aka mumsy’s Discovery 4, through the little town of springbok and 6km.s out to her farm, after settling into our rooms which had bottles of wine resting on our pillow we had a delicious braai and went to bed to get rested for an adventure none of us will ever forget!