Richard + Roxy Engagement shoot

Richard is one of my brothers best friends and Roxy was one of my bridesmaids. I have gotten to know and absolutely love Roxy’s family and I feel blessed that I get to call these two my friends. They have been together for 7 years and 9 months and it shows by how comfortable they are with each other but they still act like teenagers on a first date, totally smitten!

I woke up on Sunday with a cracker wangover(the full body hangover you get the day after shooting a wedding) from the day before, I immediately checked the weather report and my heart sunk, thunderstorms! Roxy and I decided to put our faith in the ocean and hope it would keep the weather at bay Richard and Roxy have matching tattoos of a wave and the umlodti area code as they both love the ocean and as if it knew, the ocean pulled through for us, although we had no golden sunset we had perfectly moody clouds.

I CANNOT wait to photograph Richard and Roxy’s wedding weekend (yes an entire weekend) next year and if the engagement shoot is anything to go off its going to be a phenomenal weekend, full of lots of laughs and even more love.
Having a couple that not only trusts each other but trusts me makes my life easy. Thank you to both of you for enduring the icy cold water and for conquering your fear of heights for the perfect shot Rox, You two are an absolute dream together and apart.

It really is an honour to have you guys pick me to capture your wedding.
Love you both!