Marilese & Warren – Tala game reserve

M&W Blog 83

Marilese and Warren are high school sweethearts, she’s pint sized and he’s toweringly tall but the love they both have for one another is infectious, I love nothing more than photographing people that really have fun on their wedding day!

These two decided to get married at Tala Game reserve  and we had such a beautiful day surrounded by winter grasslands and blue skies, and LOTS of laughs, too often I see Brides or Grooms stressing away the day, wanting everything to be perfect instead of just taking in the magic of the day, Marrow and Warren had a perfect day AND loved every minute, soaking in the love and laughter of the day and everyone around them could see that, They have this phenomenal gift of making each other crack up laughing so easily and it’s a rare, wonderful thing to witness, so thank you for letting me capture all the love on this special day!

P.S. Good luck with the puppy! it’s definitely time!