Dylan, Bayley & Winston – family shoot

Dylan 67

OH! I am a sucker for beards, tattoos and dogs! could this post be any more delicious? Ladies get your popcorn ready for Dylan, Bayley & Winston’s family shoot

Dylan is one of the most amazing men I have had the pleasure to meet, he is a true gentleman in an time full of new age men, kind, caring and compassionate. Five years ago Dylan added a beautiful, bubbly little girl to his life, her name is Bayley and she is the sweetest bulldog I have ever met, I cannot help but laugh when she comes waddling up to me but life was still not complete so two years ago Dylan found a two year old bulldog needing a home on pugrescue and he welcomed Winston into his family, Winny is just like Dylan, a complete gentleman who loves cuddles.

You all know that I am a huge animal lover which of course meant I had SO much fun doing this shoot as you can clearly see just how much Dylan loves these two lucky little fur babies and how much they love him, Bayley constantly runs up to Dylan for a kiss, not only was there so much love but these three have an amazing ability to make me laugh so hard!

Dylan, Bayley, Winny I hope you love your photos as much as I loved taking them!

P.S. – Ladies Bayley and Winny are looking for a mom so if you want to be the luckiest woman alive give me a call and I’ll pass on Dylan’s number