Dylan, Bayley & Winston – family shoot

Dylan 67

OH! I am a sucker for beards, tattoos and dogs! could this post be any more delicious? Ladies get your popcorn ready for Dylan, Bayley & Winston’s family shoot

Dylan is one of the most amazing men I have had the pleasure to meet, he is a true gentleman in an time full of new age men, kind, caring and compassionate. Five years ago Dylan added a beautiful, bubbly little girl to his life, her name is Bayley and she is the sweetest bulldog I have ever met, I cannot help but laugh when she comes waddling up to me but life was still not complete so two years ago Dylan found a two year old bulldog needing a home on pugrescue and he welcomed Winston into his family, Winny is just like Dylan, a complete gentleman who loves cuddles. (more…)

Darren and Nikita Oosterberg – The Pretoria country club

Darren & Nakita-085

Darren and Nikita started their love story in high school and depending which one of the two you ask their love story will differ (which seems to have become a long standing joke) Darren is convinced Nikita made the first move, but Nikita just laughs and shakes her head whenever Darren mentions this… Either way I’m so glad they got together as they are such a perfect fit!

These two battled to look at the camera as they couldn’t take their eyes off each other the whole day, they truly do radiate love which lights up everyone around them. These high school sweet hearts chose to have their wedding reception at the pretoria country club on a stunning April day, which blessed us with an awesome sunset. We surrounded by family and friends who were all soaking up the love, the fun and the attention to detail this stunning wedding had. (more…)

Raymond & Kelly – Engagement

It all started in Kelly’s flower shop, Flower fusion, were Raymond was a customer, one day Kelly was struggling to set up some arrangements outside her shop when Raymond was walking by and offered his help like a true gentleman and from that moment on that was it … They became a big part of each others lives, they both knew that we were meant to be with each other but didn’t start dating straight a way in fact they only started going out a whole year later. Raymond works on the ships, so he would go away 4 month’s at a time and this was his first contract he was going on since they had me so when it came to saying goodbye and him leaving him Kelly knew that he was her absolute world and she couldn’t bare another day without him by her side.

“Its an unconditional kind of love he is my best friend and I thank God every day for him” – Kelly

Now I met Kelly a few years ago as I would send my mom flowers every month due to this kelly and I became friends, you can’t but help noticing her, she’s tall, beautiful, incredibly kind and her smile is infectious, she is always full of life…but there is one day in particular that I remember, I had wandered in and chosen some flowers (Kelly was always super patient and helpful when I was indecisive) she was wrapping them up for me when she started telling me about this guy she had met, Raymond, and how she just knew this was different… and he really was.

I hope you two love your pics as much as I loved shooting them!

Brett & Chantel are expecting!


ok calm…I am going to be a god mother to what is already the cutest baby ever! never have I seen a cuter 16 week scan in my life, I am totally besotted, smitten and in love with this little life.

So we decided to do a very quick and intimate announcement shoot in Brett and Chantel’s home which of course included their (fur) children whom I’m sure you will remember from their anniversary shoot here so that they could send these photo’s to family and friends and eventually put them on facebook for the world to know!

I cannot wait to do Chantel’s maternity shoot!

I love you all so so so much!

Anton & Stacey – Engagement

I’m going to be second shooting for Chantel for Anton and Stacey’s wedding coming up in May. Chantel has known Stacey  for a couple of years now and I am so glad a crashed the engagement shoot as these too are such a happy fun loving couple! they brought along their little one Chase who is just so cute!

I’m positive the wedding day will be just as fun as this shoot was!

Joanne & Mike – Orchid house Collisheen

Joanne and Mike got married at the Orchid house at Collisheen in Ballito on an extremely hot but beautiful summer day. I loved how they seemed to laugh at everything and  just took in every moment of their big day…
they are a very family orientated family and the bridal party consisted of Mike’s siblings who knew exactly how to get their brother and new sister to crack up laughing, let me just say that as a photographer you can’t help but cross fingers that the groom will give you a tear or two when he sees his future wife walking down the aisle and let me just say Mike delivered better than any groom I have ever experienced, it was so touching to be able to witness the love he had for her, although Joanne would have been able to get any man to tear up as she makes such a stunning bride.

The day was filled with fun and laughter, the night was filled with MANY crazy dance moves! The dance floor always had someone on it from the tiny niece in her walker to the vivacious grannies, everyone tried their hand at showing off their skills!

it was a really fun wedding to be a part of thats for sure