Katherine + Dale Engagement shoot


We decided to photograph Katherine and Dale’s engagement shoot in Summerveld as Katherine is a horse girl and knows and loves the area, they are getting married next year and I cannot wait for their wedding! Without giving too much away it’s going to be totally opposite to their engagement shoot! Unfortunately Spencer and Max will not be in attendance so we just HAD to include them in the engagement shoot, Spencer and Max are both rescues from The Dachshund Haven, adopting animals is a cause that is so close to my heart (being a rescue mom myself) and they are amazing little dogs…there is nothing better than being able to photograph a couple and their pets. Katherine and Dale you two were so fun to work with and I cannot wait for your wedding! (more…)

Kelly + Raymond – Providence Country Weddings


Kelly and Raymond got married at Providence in the Natal Midlands on a beautiful Spring day, this was a very special wedding for me as every pay day I used to walk into a florist in Kloof and buy my mom flowers, I love flowers, the colours, the smells, the textures so I always felt happy when I stepped inside, but there was one reason I kept going back to this specific florist, the woman who worked there was the nicest most bubbly and beautiful person I had met in a long while as you could guess this was Kelly, We quickly sparked up a friendship and our conversations often revolved around flowers, photography, all things pretty and relationships.

I remember so vividly, the day I walked into Flower fusion and Kelly had this glow about her, one that I had never seen before, she said “Hey my ange! guess what? I met a guy! (insert squeal from me) ahhhh B he is so different” and he was… (more…)

Sharron & Neil – Calderwood in the Midlands

Sharron & Neil-396

Where do I begin with Sharron and Neil? I guess I should start at the beginning 10 years ago, Sharron and Neil found themselves working together and before you think there was a whirlwind romance that came out of the blue let me stop you, what happened was they became friends, the best of friends, Neil always had a crush on Sharron but didn’t make a move and Sharron was completely oblivious to it all, looking back now they both knew it from the beginning…they were meant to be. After a long friendship and a very short “official” relationship Neil (with the help of Sharron’s daughter) popped the question and I’m so glad he did, I have never witness so many guests SO happy that two people were FINALLY getting married. (more…)

Marilese & Warren – Tala game reserve

M&W Blog 83

Marilese and Warren are high school sweethearts, she’s pint sized and he’s toweringly tall but the love they both have for one another is infectious, I love nothing more than photographing people that really have fun on their wedding day!

These two decided to get married at Tala Game reserve  and we had such a beautiful day surrounded by winter grasslands and blue skies, and LOTS of laughs, too often I see Brides or Grooms stressing away the day, wanting everything to be perfect instead of just taking in the magic of the day, Marrow and Warren had a perfect day AND loved every minute, soaking in the love and laughter of the day and everyone around them could see that, They have this phenomenal gift of making each other crack up laughing so easily and it’s a rare, (more…)

Bernha & Tys – Bella Vista Bothas hill


Bernha & Tys got married at Bella Vista on not only the hottest day but also the worst downpour I have ever experienced, Bernha was also wearing the biggest dress I’ve ever seen it had so many beautiful layers and the ladies had a good laugh trying to straighten them all out… We went from sweating during the ceremony to trying to mist rolling in and big fat rain drops still managing to catch us even under cover, Luckily the storm decided to give us a break during the creative shoot (more…)

Preshanthi & Riccardo – Florida road engagement

Ric & Presh 01

Preshanthi and Riccardo contacted me about doing an engagement shoot but instead of asking me what a good location is, Presh immediately asked if we could do a night shoot on Florida road and I loved how original and excited she was. On the day of the shoot the weather did not want to play ball and it drizzled all day but luckily it held off for our shoot, I totally fell in love with the Royal blue and hot pink sari Presh chose to wear, she is so stunning inside and out! (more…)