Richard + Roxy | The Hatchery, Amatikulu


Richard and Roxy got married at the beautiful (and HOT) Hatchery in Amatikulu one day before their eighth anniversary and 364 days after Rich proposed so you could say the 14th and 15th of March are good days in their lives!

Both these babes are close to my heart, Roxy was one of my bridesmaids and Richard is one of my brothers best friends and colleagues, So this was an extra special wedding for me, full of people I know and love. There was also a sense of pressure as Rich is an amazing photographer himself and I needed to boss around my big brother during the creative shoot, not something I get to do often! You might remember them from their engagement shoot, you can see it here

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Jenna + Mariska | Zebra Hills Safari Lodge

Jenna + Mariska’s wedding at Zebra Hills Safari Lodge is the first time I have considered not even writing a blog post because I am not sure I have the words for this wedding.

Jenna contacted me in January 2019 about possibly photographing her wedding the following year and we decided to meet for drinks and discuss the wedding.
To date it was the longest client meeting I have ever had, there was tons in common between Jenna and myself and Mariska and Brendan, it was an instant friendship. I can say that the worst part of this wedding was having to wait 13 months for it! but FINALLY the weekend came and on Friday morning Brendan, Pierre (the DJ and Minister all rolled into one) and I hopped into the car and road tripped to the venue where we were greeted like family and not service providers. After settling in we were whisked onto a game drive to see animals and scout locations for the creative shoot. The afternoon was full of more laughter than I can ever remember and a heat that I have never experienced before!

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Richard + Roxy Engagement shoot

Richard is one of my brothers best friends and Roxy was one of my bridesmaids. I have gotten to know and absolutely love Roxy’s family and I feel blessed that I get to call these two my friends.

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Sam + Amy | Easton Farm

Jeepers, what can I say about this wedding, I have known Sam for so many years I’ve lost count now! I knew him before I had met Brendan (My husband) and I knew Sam before he met Amy! 

Watching Sam and Amy’s relationship grow and blossom has been amazing for me, when Sam told me he was going to propose I think I squealed for about 5 minutes straight! I love how much love these two have for each other and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sam laugh so hard or so deep as when Amy makes him laugh! and that is one of my favouirte things about these two! 

This was a wedding FULL of DIY’s, a last minute change of venue, tents, fun, partying and LOTS of singing! Amy’s maiden-name is Wiggett and during her speech the guests would all randomly break out chanting “WIGGY! WIGGY! WIGGY! OI! OI! OI!” it was totally hilarious and had everyone in stitches but then when Sam came up to give his speech he cracked out in the most fabulous opera style “WHEN I WAS A YOUNG WARTHOG” from the Lion King when Pumba tells his story, the male guests all responded with “WHEN HE WAS A YOUNG WARTHOG” and all of this was unplanned and unscripted. I just shows how well these two know their friends.

Sam & Amy – I love you both and I wish you a lifetime of happiness 

Second shooter: Brendan McAdam

Venue: Eston Farm B&B
FB – Eston Farm B & B
Dress: VIP brides
Bridesmaid and flower girl dresses : Priness Gabi 
FB- Princess Gabi 

Make up : Blush Make up by Tarryn 
FB- blush make up by Tarryn
Hair : Shawn Snipes 

Photobooth: Oh Shoot !
Dj: DJ Vivian
Cake : Amy Bevan (THE BRIDE) Mason –
Food: JDS catering

Jenna + Mariska Engagement shoot

Jenna and Mariska are basically another Bianca and Brendan. Our first meeting was supposed to be over a cup of coffee but ended up being over two hours of laughs and chats. I don’t think we actually discussed any wedding related things!

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Sam + Shane’s Engagement Party | 1904 Bistro Americain

Shane is crazy about Sam, Sam is just crazy and so are all of their friends. I met Sam at Brigitte’s bachelorette – you can view Brigitte and Darryn’s wedding here – and it was an instant friendship fuelled by tequila and insults…Sam and Shane have been together for 10 years and have the the most amazing two kids, Sailor and Nixon, so when Shane proposed in November

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Bianca & Duane | The Secret Garden

The first time I met Bianca & Duane was on their engagement shoot! It was a freezing rainy day in Durban but even in a little dress Bianca was a total trooper, at one point we had to take shelter in the nearest coffee shop we could find! little did any of us know that this would be a preview of their wedding day,

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Gavin + Colleen | Summerhill Function Venue

After a fully packed December I decided to take a month long break in January, so I shot my first wedding of 2019 in mid-February near New Hanover, there were torrential downpours the night before, the type of downpour that only Beautiful Africa can provide,

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Don + Denise | Intaba view

I absolutely love it when I get enquiries from grooms because it is so important that they are also involved in the wedding planning, a lot of couples forget that it is a day to celebrate coming together as one, so when I got an email from Don I knew it was going to be a good wedding and I was so right, Both Don and Denise were the most organised couple I had ever met.

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Guff + Chicken | The Laughing Forest

Gareth and Tracy aka Guff and Chicken got married at the Laughing forest down the coast and man, what a day. When Tracy first got hold of me she mentioned that her and her fiancé, Gareth, lived in the UK and she would love to meet me, when we met for coffee there was just an instant click and I knew that this was going to be one heck of a party!

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Emari + Dane

A Beautiful morning Beach wedding

Emari and Dane are a fun loving, beautiful couple, even though they both photograph so amazingly Dane absolutely hates photos but was a complete champ on the day! Emari and Dane got married on the beach in the morning, where Emari’s dad was the minister and got to lead his daughter and Dane into their new life as Husband and wife, followed by a lunch time reception, it was a very relaxed fun and happy wedding.

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Brigitte + Darryn’s epic Thorner Estate wedding


Brigitte + Darryn celebrated their epic Thorner Estate wedding on Spring day, we had wind and mist and rain, not at all what Spring day is supposed to look like but this actually turned out perfectly as Brigitte was wearing the most phenomenal moon blue dress adorned with hundreds of pearls made by the talented Lauren Judith-Anne it flowed in the wind and melted into the mist, but not even the rain could stop these two and their friends from partying long into the night.

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Darryn + Brigitte | Engagement Shoot

This is Darryn and Brigitte’s engagement Shoot.

Brigitte and I met a few years ago when I burst into the Kloof and highway SPCA to adopt my Great Dane, Odin. There she was in her blue uniform with the biggest smile on her face. Even though it was the end of a long day. And she is also the reason we have Thor, Our littlest Great Dane, but thats a story for another day. Today is about Brigitte.

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Christo + Lizaan | Cathedral Peak Wine Estate

Christo and Lizaan’s wedding at Cathedral Peak Wine Estate has been my favourite wedding to date.

I remember the first time I met this gorgeous couple. It was at 4am on the beach for their engagement shoot. I spent most of the shoot making sure they weren’t really models, and were indeed BOTH doctors! These two have the Brains, the Looks, the personality but most important THE LOVE, I have never seen two so in Love.

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Joanne + Jacques | The Butler Ranch wedding Drummond

Joanne + Jacques got married at The Butler Ranch wedding Drummond

The first time I met Joanne was actually only a few days before her wedding! but we instantly clicked and it’s was so easy with her bubbly personality, we sat and discussed her boho wedding and her love of pampas grass. Joanne and Jacques knew that they didn’t want a traditional wedding and The Butler Ranch suited this perfectly.

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Stace & Dylan | a Picnic Brunch wedding


What a Beautiful Picnic style Brunch wedding

Where Do I begin with Stace and Dylan? Well I have known Dylan for a good few years. Some of you may remember the shoot of Dyl with his two Bulldogs, Bayley and Winston. I remember coming home from that shoot filthy, covered in ash from recently burnt veld and exhausted but so excited to start editing. Little did I know I would be lucky enough to Photograph Dylan marry the absolute love of his life, Stace.

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Sasha- Lee + Zane | Barker Manor Kloof


The first time I met Sasha it was about 100 degrees in the loft of a wedding venue,

She was doing the makeup of one of my past brides. She had an infectious smile and a sparkle in her eyes. Sasha is the owner of Durban Makeup and is so talented. I am so thankful that our paths crossed. As you tend to meet a lot of different vendors being a wedding photographer! Sasha and Zane got married at Barker Manor in Kloof which is on my door step.

Sasha and Zane known each other for the past 9 years through their mutual best friend. James who happens to be the best man. 

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Bianca + Duncan | Westville Country Club


The German and the Chiropractor – Westville Country Club Durban wedding 

Bianca and I met in high school(We both share the same name, we’re both German and we both dated the same guy a long, long time ago). She is one of those girls who seems to have it all. She is amazingly bright, drop dead gorgeous. and has the most amazing circle of friends and family who adore her. Duncan is a Chiropractor and a martial arts wizz! 

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Katherine + Dale | Audacia Manor

Mr + Mrs Guttenbrunner-325

a Classic Audacia Manor wedding

You may remember Katherine and Dale’s engagement shoot. which included their beautiful Sausage dogs , Max and Spencer. If you haven’t seen it you can see it here.

Katherine is one of the most organised people I have ever met. She is one of those brides that I never had to worry about. she had everything organised months in advance and she was always on top of everything. Dale is a business man, a gentleman and is wrapped around Katherine’s finger. These two are the perfect match of elegance and class. a Perfect fit for a Classic Audacia Manor wedding.

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Katherine + Dale Engagement shoot


We decided to photograph Katherine and Dale’s Engagement shoot in Summerveld with sausage dogs. Katherine is a horse girl and knows and loves the area. They are getting married next year and I cannot wait for their wedding!

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Kelly + Raymond – Providence Country Weddings


Kelly and Raymond got married at Providence Country Weddings in Nottingham road on a beautiful Spring day,
This was a very special wedding for me. As every pay day I used to walk into a florist in Kloof and buy my mom flowers. I love flowers, the colours, the smells, the textures so I always felt happy when I stepped inside. But there was one reason I kept going back to this specific florist, the woman who worked there was the nicest most bubbly and beautiful person I had met in a long while. As you could guess this was Kelly. We sparked up a friendship. Our conversations often revolved around flowers, photography, all things pretty and relationships.
I remember, the day I walked into Flower fusion and Kelly had this glow about her, one that I had never seen before, she said “Hey my ange! guess what? I met a guy! (insert squeal from me) ahhhh B he is so different” and he was…

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Sharron & Neil – Calderwood in the Midlands

Sharron & Neil-396

Where do I begin with Sharron and Neil? I guess I should start at the beginning 10 years ago, Sharron and Neil found themselves working together and before you think there was a whirlwind romance that came out of the blue let me stop you, what happened was they became friends, the best of friends, Neil always had a crush on Sharron but didn’t make a move and Sharron was completely oblivious to it all, looking back now they both knew it from the beginning…they were meant to be. After a long friendship and a very short “official” relationship Neil (with the help of Sharron’s daughter) popped the question and I’m so glad he did, I have never witness so many guests SO happy that two people were FINALLY getting married.

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Marilese & Warren – Tala game reserve

M&W Blog 83

Marilese and Warren are high school sweethearts, she’s pint sized and he’s toweringly tall but the love they both have for one another is infectious, I love nothing more than photographing people that really have fun on their wedding day!

These two decided to get married at Tala Game reserve  and we had such a beautiful day surrounded by winter grasslands and blue skies, and LOTS of laughs, too often I see Brides or Grooms stressing away the day, wanting everything to be perfect instead of just taking in the magic of the day, Marrow and Warren had a perfect day AND loved every minute, soaking in the love and laughter of the day and everyone around them could see that, They have this phenomenal gift of making each other crack up laughing so easily and it’s a rare,

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Bernha & Tys – Bella Vista Bothas hill


Bernha & Tys got married at Bella Vista on not only the hottest day but also the worst downpour I have ever experienced, Bernha was also wearing the biggest dress I’ve ever seen it had so many beautiful layers and the ladies had a good laugh trying to straighten them all out… We went from sweating during the ceremony to trying to mist rolling in and big fat rain drops still managing to catch us even under cover, Luckily the storm decided to give us a break during the creative shoot

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Preshanthi & Riccardo – Florida road engagement

Ric & Presh 01

Preshanthi and Riccardo contacted me about doing an engagement shoot but instead of asking me what a good location is, Presh immediately asked if we could do a night shoot on Florida road and I loved how original and excited she was. On the day of the shoot the weather did not want to play ball and it drizzled all day but luckily it held off for our shoot, I totally fell in love with the Royal blue and hot pink sari Presh chose to wear, she is so stunning inside and out!

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Dylan, Bayley & Winston – family shoot

Dylan 67

OH! I am a sucker for beards, tattoos and dogs! could this post be any more delicious? Ladies get your popcorn ready for Dylan, Bayley & Winston’s family shoot

Dylan is one of the most amazing men I have had the pleasure to meet, he is a true gentleman in an time full of new age men, kind, caring and compassionate. Five years ago Dylan added a beautiful, bubbly little girl to his life, her name is Bayley and she is the sweetest bulldog I have ever met, I cannot help but laugh when she comes waddling up to me but life was still not complete so two years ago Dylan found a two year old bulldog needing a home on pugrescue and he welcomed Winston into his family, Winny is just like Dylan, a complete gentleman who loves cuddles.

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Darren and Nikita Oosterberg – The Pretoria country club

Darren & Nakita-085

Darren and Nikita started their love story in high school and depending which one of the two you ask their love story will differ (which seems to have become a long standing joke) Darren is convinced Nikita made the first move, but Nikita just laughs and shakes her head whenever Darren mentions this… Either way I’m so glad they got together as they are such a perfect fit!

These two battled to look at the camera as they couldn’t take their eyes off each other the whole day, they truly do radiate love which lights up everyone around them. These high school sweet hearts chose to have their wedding reception at the pretoria country club on a stunning April day, which blessed us with an awesome sunset. We surrounded by family and friends who were all soaking up the love, the fun and the attention to detail this stunning wedding had.

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Raymond & Kelly – Engagement

It all started in Kelly’s flower shop, Flower fusion, were Raymond was a customer, one day Kelly was struggling to set up some arrangements outside her shop when Raymond was walking by and offered his help like a true gentleman and from that moment on that was it … They became a big part of each others lives, they both knew that we were meant to be with each other but didn’t start dating straight a way in fact they only started going out a whole year later. Raymond works on the ships, so he would go away 4 month’s at a time and this was his first contract he was going on since they had me so when it came to saying goodbye and him leaving him Kelly knew that he was her absolute world and she couldn’t bare another day without him by her side.

“Its an unconditional kind of love he is my best friend and I thank God every day for him” – Kelly

Now I met Kelly a few years ago as I would send my mom flowers every month due to this kelly and I became friends, you can’t but help noticing her, she’s tall, beautiful, incredibly kind and her smile is infectious, she is always full of life…but there is one day in particular that I remember, I had wandered in and chosen some flowers (Kelly was always super patient and helpful when I was indecisive) she was wrapping them up for me when she started telling me about this guy she had met, Raymond, and how she just knew this was different… and he really was.

I hope you two love your pics as much as I loved shooting them!

Brett & Chantel are expecting!


ok calm…I am going to be a god mother to what is already the cutest baby ever! never have I seen a cuter 16 week scan in my life, I am totally besotted, smitten and in love with this little life.

So we decided to do a very quick and intimate announcement shoot in Brett and Chantel’s home which of course included their (fur) children whom I’m sure you will remember from their anniversary shoot here so that they could send these photo’s to family and friends and eventually put them on facebook for the world to know!

I cannot wait to do Chantel’s maternity shoot!

I love you all so so so much!

Anton & Stacey – Engagement

I’m going to be second shooting for Chantel for Anton and Stacey’s wedding coming up in May. Chantel has known Stacey  for a couple of years now and I am so glad a crashed the engagement shoot as these too are such a happy fun loving couple! they brought along their little one Chase who is just so cute!

I’m positive the wedding day will be just as fun as this shoot was!

Joanne & Mike – Orchid house Collisheen

Joanne and Mike got married at the Orchid house at Collisheen in Ballito on an extremely hot but beautiful summer day. I loved how they seemed to laugh at everything and  just took in every moment of their big day…
they are a very family orientated family and the bridal party consisted of Mike’s siblings who knew exactly how to get their brother and new sister to crack up laughing, let me just say that as a photographer you can’t help but cross fingers that the groom will give you a tear or two when he sees his future wife walking down the aisle and let me just say Mike delivered better than any groom I have ever experienced, it was so touching to be able to witness the love he had for her, although Joanne would have been able to get any man to tear up as she makes such a stunning bride.

The day was filled with fun and laughter, the night was filled with MANY crazy dance moves! The dance floor always had someone on it from the tiny niece in her walker to the vivacious grannies, everyone tried their hand at showing off their skills!

it was a really fun wedding to be a part of thats for sure

Avani & Prean | Braeside wedding

What an Amazing Couple to work with! I don’t think I have ever laughed so much as with these two, Strong winds on your wedding day are said to blow away any sorrow in your life and their wedding took place on a VERY windy saturday in November, I’m certain Avani & Prean are going to share a very, very happy life! With all the wind nobody was worried that Avani would blow away because of the weight of her beautiful and very intricate sari, you two were so much fun to work with, I hope you enjoy!

Springbok Adventure

Some of you may remember my post of Brett and Chantel well Chantel is my best friend and we decided to take a trip to visit my mom who lives in a tiny town called Springbok

Well this is what happens when two photographers travel together! Stunning photographs, lots of laughs and an unbelievable adventure! Some images are mine, some are Chantel’s from Vita Bella Photography

Our little 4 298Km round trip adventure began with waking up at 4 am and traveling to king Shaka airport, upon arrival we realized Chantel’s ticket had been booked under her new married Surname but her ID had her maiden name in it! After some massive anxiety, sweet talking managers and a panicked phone call, Brett managed to email through their marriage certificate and we were allowed to board our 6:20am flight to cape town, which was full of giddy excitement, cracking jokes and a very hungover Bianca gagging over a squeaky mushroom, once landed we checked in with the car rental and were handed keys to our travel buddy Pronto Renato the tomato aka beige lightning, a tiny beige kia piccanto, after realizing our bags wouldn’t fit in the glove compartment sized boot we headed for the N7 which was the beginning of what should have been a 5 hour sencic drive through the beautiful cape wine lands but due to stop-go’s ended up being 11 hours filled with construction- workers and without a cd we either had a choice of silence, static, Afrikaans braai sokkie or bible passages…we opted for silence


I’m almost certain we woke up the whole of springbok upon arrival at duck with warning lights hooting and shouts! Followed by a laughing crying elated mumsy jumping into our tiny steed which could barely fit the two of us never mind three, After hugs and kisses we climbed back into our cars and we followed in the shadow of the Beast aka mumsy’s Discovery 4, through the little town of springbok and 6km.s out to her farm, after settling into our rooms which had bottles of wine resting on our pillow we had a delicious braai and went to bed to get rested for an adventure none of us will ever forget!

Chantel & Brett

I have put this post off for quite some time, for many reasons, I wanted it to be the first blog on my new website and I think one reason was having to pen this write up, this shoot was almost as special as this couple is to me, Brett & Chantel started dating when she was still a fresh faced teenager and have been together ever since, the only person who can rival Brett for Chantel’s attention and love is me, we met while studying photography and bonded over a bottle of tequila in my car (its a long story that could be an entire blog post in itself) with a friendship founded on the same passion for photography and disdain for our theory lecturer, we fast became inseparable,  the Blondes, the best friends, the sisters, Chantel and I are two peas in a POT (yes I know it’s pod) and wherever we go we get asked if we are sisters and I honestly feel like she is, where I am  short, she is tall, I shoot Nikon she shoots Canon, but in most aspects we are one in the same, but she is and always will be the Ying to my Yang…

One day I got to meet her then boyfriend, Brett, we instantly hit it off and he has fast become one of my best friends, on their wedding day you could find me getting ready with the girls and also rallying to get to the boys, I love them both equally and couldn’t imagine life without either of them…they truly are my favourite couple, they inspire me, and show me what a marriage should be like, I even love the way they argue.

next year these two would have been together for 10 years, and in that decade have built up a life, a home and a family (the four furry’s Joey, Bailey, Amber and Cassey) together, for their first anniversary they decided to do a shoot starting at home, photographing them in their favourite place, their home.

Brett thank you for being such a sport and putting up with an entire days shoot,

Chantel you made my life so easy with the amount of effort you put into that day

Brett & Chantel you two are my best friends, my family, my life, I love you lots!