Bernha & Tys – Bella Vista Bothas hill


Bernha & Tys got married at Bella Vista on not only the hottest day but also the worst downpour I have ever experienced, Bernha was also wearing the biggest dress I’ve ever seen it had so many beautiful layers and the ladies had a good laugh trying to straighten them all out… We went from sweating during the ceremony to trying to mist rolling in and big fat rain drops still managing to catch us even under cover, Luckily the storm decided to give us a break during the creative shoot after the whole bridal party had braved the rain and a few cars (and a tractor) to give us a chance to take some stunning shots…

Thank you both for trusting me during the crazy weather and braving the mud, thank you for all the laughs during the creative shoot and for having such a welcoming family. It really was such a special day, I hope you love your photos as much as I loved shooting them.