Joanne + Jacques | The Barn Drummond

The first time I met Joanne was actually only a few days before her wedding! but we instantly clicked and it’s was so easy with her bubbly personality, we sat and discussed her boho wedding and her love of pampas grass. Joanne and Jacques knew that they didn’t want a traditional wedding (more…)

Stace & Dylan | a Picnic Brunch wedding


Where Do I begin with Stace and Dylan? well I have known Dylan for a good few years, some of you may remember the shoot of Dyl with his two Bulldogs, Bayley and Winston, I remember coming home from that shoot filthy, covered in ash from recently burnt veld and exhausted but so excited to start editing…little did I know I would be lucky enough to Photograph Dylan marry the absolute love of his life, Stace. (more…)

Sasha- Lee + Zane | Barker Manor Kloof


The first time I met Sasha it was about 100 degrees in the loft of a wedding venue, she was doing the makeup of one of my past brides. She had an infectious smile and a sparkle in her eyes. Sasha is the owner of Durban Makeup and is unbelievably talented I am so thankful that our paths crossed as you tend to meet a lot of different vendors being a wedding photographer!

Sasha and Zane known each other for the past 9 years through their mutual best friend, James who happens to be the best man, around 6 years ago Sasha moved into James dads holiday home over the December holidays and Zane had done the same. The 3 of them, fondly known as the Trifecta became inseparable and Sasha, as feminine as she is, very quickly became one of the boys, after a few months sparks began to ignite between Zane and Sasha and their friendship very quickly turned into a strong romance.  From day one their relationship felt different to any other either of them had experienced before which has ultimately led them to this very special day as they became husband and wife.


Bianca + Duncan | Westville Country Club


Bianca is one of those girls who seems to have it all, she is amazingly bright, drop dead gorgeous, and has the most amazing circle of friends and family who adore her.  Bianca and Duncan met at a chiropractic party that Bianca’s younger sister Carissa (a Chiropractor like Duncan) dragged her to and apparently Duncan thought Bianca was Carissa from behind and draped his arms around her before realising he had the wrong sister but in the end she was the right one! Bianca was the happiest bride I have ever photographed and I absolutely loved capturing the emotion between these two very in love souls.