Hey, I’m Bianca Wilde.

Fiancée to Brendan, Mom to two rescue Great Danes, Odin and Thor, Self proclaimed tequila connoisseur, Star Wars fan, Tea lover and Lemon addict. I am a moment seeker, a story teller and an adventure junkie. I love being a wedding photographer because I love stories…Every couple that comes to me not only has a story, but every couple is a story.

My fascination with light and love and my desire to share my couples stories in natural and unique way is overwhelming. If you haven’t worked it out already, I am inspired by authentic moments, joy, love and laughter. For me that’s what a wedding day is all about.

I love listening to the amazing and unexpected ways the world managed to bring these two people together, –the story of how they’ve gone about creating a life– often a life that has surprised them in terms of where it has taken them and how they got there…how they have arrived at this point when they choose to have their lives become inextricably intertwined

I love feeling the wave of emotion that ripples throughout the day. I look at the guests and I know that they know how brutally tough and demanding life can be, but there is no bittersweet in a wedding, only joy, laughter and love. There are moments which cannot be explained only felt, I love standing in the middle of so much hope, on this momentous occasion in one’s life, that will forever be remembered, re-visited and re-lived And I absolutely love being the person to capture this day, to be able to be the person who takes these special memories and moments and turns them into something tangible that you will treasure forever.

I’d love to hear from you so if you have a wedding coming up, or any other story to capture with pictures, please pop me a mail

and may the force be with you

x B